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Don’t you guys love spring? It’s such a pleasure to sit here in my living room at my desk basking in the sun, could sit here forever, mmmm

While enjoying the sun, of course I’ve also been working on my patterns. I think the Geek Chic collection turned out pretty well, I don’t know if it will be good enough for the Fabric8 competition, especially since they don’t see the whole collection, but only one design for the first few rounds of the competition. So we’ll see how that goes… Which design should I enter in the competition? The Geeks Galore design (top left in the overview)? Or another?

Below you can find the last design of the collection. I even started working on one more design, but when I put it in the collection overview I didn’t feel it was adding anything to the collection so I decided not to finish it…

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Today I was a little bit more productive than yesterday, yay! I made this glasses design, which is just a quick one, because I spent most of my time working on a more complex design, that isn’t ready just yet. And I also managed to have another look at my shoes design from yesterday, I decided it’s just too straight, so I made the argyle pattern a little bit wonky, and I think it feels already much more like me ;-) and I mixed in some orange shoes as well…

And this afternoon I went back to school! Well, I went to a course organized by ‘Het Kunstenloket‘ and ‘Flanders DC‘ about finances and creative business. I’ve never really liked this part of my job and mostly neglected it, but I recently decided that if I want to get my business really working for me, I need to learn more about this boring side of business as well. So when I saw that this course was organized I jumped at the chance, it’s just a free 2 hour course, but it was interesting. Next week there’s another one organized by Het Kunstenloket about copyright, should be interesting as well. And then on the 29th I’ll be starting Rachael Taylor’s ‘The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design – module 3′ e-course, oooh, I can’t wait…

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I’ve been suffering some concentration problems today, my mind was just wondering off, so I didn’t really get around to working out the design I had in my mind, this is one is little bit simpler. And I’m not a 100% sure about the colour palette, hmmmm … What do you guys think?

Week 3: Geek Chic


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Hi Guys! Happy Monday everybody! There have been times in my life that I didn’t like Mondays that much, the weekend is finished and I ‘d have to drag myself back to work. But I’m really loving Mondays now. With my #365patterns challenge, it feels like a new beginning every week, a brand new theme and colour palette and so many exciting possibilities…

This week’s theme is ‘GEEK CHIC‘, yes, the theme for this year’s Fabric8 contest organized by Spoonflower and Robert Kaufman Fabrics. The deadline is already next Tuesday, and I haven’t even started on a design yet, so I thought I’d just see what I can design this week.
I’m going for a 1960′s retro nerdy feeling. I’m thinking of those geeky glasses, suspenders, oxford shoes, bow ties, books, science, star trek, … And of course the colours are retro too. Ooooh, this is going to be so much fun!