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Today I was a little bit more productive than yesterday, yay! I made this glasses design, which is just a quick one, because I spent most of my time working on a more complex design, that isn’t ready just yet. And I also managed to have another look at my shoes design from yesterday, I decided it’s just too straight, so I made the argyle pattern a little bit wonky, and I think it feels already much more like me ;-) and I mixed in some orange shoes as well…

And this afternoon I went back to school! Well, I went to a course organized by ‘Het Kunstenloket‘ and ‘Flanders DC‘ about finances and creative business. I’ve never really liked this part of my job and mostly neglected it, but I recently decided that if I want to get my business really working for me, I need to learn more about this boring side of business as well. So when I saw that this course was organized I jumped at the chance, it’s just a free 2 hour course, but it was interesting. Next week there’s another one organized by Het Kunstenloket about copyright, should be interesting as well. And then on the 29th I’ll be starting Rachael Taylor’s ‘The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design – module 3′ e-course, oooh, I can’t wait…

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