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Yep, you probably are starting to think I’m obsessed with them! A while back I wrote about the wonderful world of free digital magazines for your iPad/tablet, but apparently I wasn’t very clear on how you can actually put them on your iPad. So here’s a little update on how to do that, and I’ve also found some more free magazines and will be adding even more the next few day, yay! If it’s still not completely clear how to get the magazines on your iPad, please let me know!

There are 3 different types of digital magazines:

  • Newsstand magazines

    To download these magazines you download them as an app from your app store on the ipad, and within the app, which will be located in the newsstand folder, you can download free issues of the magazine.
    TNW Magazine – Monthly magazine about art, books, music, fashion, travel, …

    Dash Recipes – Food

    #5 Magazine – Maybe more of a guy’s magazine, with music, movies, sports, travel and fashion.

    TRVL – Travel

    Snap – Great magazine made with images from Hipstamatic.

    Project Sounds – Music

    Distro – For the geeks in us ***new***

    Overnight Buses – Travel – this is a regular app (not in the newsstand) ***new***

    En Vie – Fashion ***new***

    Endless Vacation – Travel ***new***

    AUX – Music ***new***

  • downloadable pdf magazines

    These are magazines you download as a pdf from a website. You do this on your computer, then import the pdf into iTunes (shortcut ⌘O to import things into iTunes), the pdf will appear in the ‘books’ section. Now all you have to do is synchronize your iPad with iTunes (make sure the books section also synchronizes) and voilà, your pdf magazine will be in the iBooks app where you will find it under collections in the pdf folder. You can reorganize those collections by adding new folders and moving the books/pdf’s by clicking the edit button in the right top corner.
    In case your wondering how you can download these magazines from the website, well, the ones that are hosted on have this little download icon when the publisher allows you to download their magazine, click it and the download should begin immediately. Downloadable magazines hosted elsewhere usually also have some kind of download button in the toolbar.

    Wayfare – Travel

    Latin Lover Food and Travel Magazine – Travel

    Foodie Crush – Food

    Moyo – Surface / Textile Design

    Sweet Paul – Lifestyle

    Heart Home – Home & Interior

    Rue – Lifestyle

    Nice – Graphic Design, Illustration

    91 Magazine – Magazine for the vintage style and craft lover

    Dashing – Lifestyle

    Covet Garden – Home & Interior

    Sweet Living – Crafts, DIYs, food, backyard sustainability, green living

    Hiking on the Moon – Travel ***New***

    Quint – Graphic design, Illustration, Photography ***New***

    Umbrella - Men’s lifestyle magazine ***new***

    Little Industry – Children’s lifestyle ***new***

    Milk – Children’s Lifestyle (in French) ***New***

  • digital magazines you can only view online

    So you will need an internet connection when reading these magazines. Issuu has recently updated their mobile website so all magazines on issuu are now also readable on iPad. The regular issuu website uses a lot of flash to show the magazines (this is also when issuu magazines are embedded into another website, so on iPad it will just show an empty space), but now you will be automatically referred to the mobile website.

  • Lonny (also available as newsstand magazine now, but it will cost $1.99 for a monthly subscription)

    Adore Home – Home & Interior

    EST Magazine – Home & Interior

    Paper Runway – Paper, Graphic Design, Art

    Design & Life

    Plumetis Magazine – Crafts (in French)

    Huck ***New***

    We Like We Love – Lifestyle ***New***

    Knot – Crafts (in French) ***new***

    Oh, and I downloaded the great Mercury browser for iPad recently, so far it’s my favorite browser, it has ad-block, you can view full screen (perfect for browsing through magazines), multi touch gestures and you can import you bookmarks from Firefow or Chrome on your desktop computer!

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