Hip Hip Hooray!


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Hello everybody! This week we are celebrating the very first birthday of Forest Foundry, yay! It’s been a wonderful year and we’ve had a lot of fun together. And especially for this joyous occasion we decided to make some new birthday card artwork. If you like to see all of our cards together head over to the Forest Foundry blog or check our latest newsletter in your mailbox (if you didn’t receive it but would like to in the future you can subscribe on the FF website).

Anyway, I ended up making more than just one card, I did a set of 6 and even turned them into patterns. I hope you’ll like them.

And a little bit more news, I’m going to start sending out my own newsletter soon, so If you like to get all my news delivered into your mailbox simply subscribe, there’s a subscription form in the right column on this page.

And one more thing, I’ve updated my shop page, from now on you can’t buy anything anymore from my personal webshop on this website, but you can buy lots of wonderful products in my Spoonflower, Society 6, Zazzle and Print All Over Me shops.
And at this moment there’s a FREE SHIPPING promotion on phone cases, mugs, clocks, totebags and other products to anywhere in the world on Society 6, always a good moment to shop especially for those of us who don’t live in the US and otherwise would have to pay expensive shipping rates!

Vive Le Tour!


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Yes, it’s that time of the year again, the Tour de France starts today and what better opportunity to promote my own Vive Le Tour print a little bit!

It’s been a bestseller in my Spoonflower shop where it’s available as fabric and as wallpaper.
But now I’ve also added a bunch of laptop sleeves and phone cases with this print to my Zazzle shop, go check it out here! Could be the perfect gift for the Tour de France / cycling loving men in you life!

And a little update: I’ve also added this design to my Society 6 shop! Just in case you fancy a Tour de France shower curtain, totebag or mug ;-)

Print All Over Me


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And after jumping into the deep end creating my Zazzle Shop last week, I have now also opened a Print All Over Me shop! For now I’m selling bathing suits, dresses, skirts, shirts, hats, and beach towels, but if I see things go well I might splurge on a subscription, then I would be able to sell even more interesting clothing objects and bags.

Anyway, keep an eye on my shop! I will be adding a lot more designs soon!

Shop News


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Hello everybody! The summer has begun, isn’t it wonderful! It’s my favorite part of the year, Antwerp comes alive, there are summer bars scattered around the city. Everybody’s outside having fun. At least at night, after work ;-)

The last couple of days I’ve been working on some new products to sell in my shop. I decided to up my game a bit when it comes to selling my prints on products online. I’ve always been a little bit stuck in between wanting to have a shop with completely hand made products or going the print on demand route. Both have their advantages and their disadvantages.

The advantage of handmade products is that they can be completely unique, but I found that if you want to make even a little bit of profit you’d need to price them very high, higher than what I would like to pay for a products like that myself, and I also dislike organizing shipping and everything.

The advantage of print on demand is that I just need to upload my designs and then all the manufacturing and shipping is done by the POD company, but the disadvantage is that these products will not be truly unique (except for my prints of course) and let’s be honest here there are some great artists and great products on POD websites, but there’s also a lot of crap.

Anyway, after weighing my options, I decided to go the POD way! I want to have my freedom, not being stuck in one location and having to look after my inventory and doing all the shipping. I secretly (well, maybe not that secretly) have a dream of spending more time in Asia especially during the winter months, and with a POD shop I could do that easily and even keep on adding products to my shop while traveling with my laptop.

So I’ve been doing lots of research trying to find the best POD companies and weirdly enough, it can be hard to find a good list. Google is not that helpful when you search for print on demand. And I found a few blog posts that list some companies but they seem to be quite outdated. Print on demand is a fast growing business and the past couple of years some new companies have been popping up. For now I’ve decided to focus my time setting up a Zazzle shop. Zazzle used to be quite daggy, but earlier this year they completely revamped their website and it all looks much more modern and fresh now. They also have a range of interesting and high quality products, some that are not offered by any other POD site, I love their laptop sleeves, luggage tags and melamine plates. They still sell a bit of junk too, but obviously I don’t need to put my prints on that junk ;-) I think it’s important to only sell products that I like myself and that fit my brand.

Anyway, please head over to my Zazzle shop and if you feel like it show my products some love. I’ve already added about 100 products but will be adding many more in the next couple of days.
By the way there’s a promotion going on right now! 10% OFF ALL ORDERS, Use Code: ZAZPERFECT10

Some other nice POD websites are:

  • Envelop, I love their oven mits, aprons and tote bags, I already have a shop there too, but it’s also in need of some new products, will add them later on. I like that their products are curated and they also have free worldwide shipping!
  • Society 6, it seems incredibly popular with a lot of artists. But even though I opened a shop there ages ago, I never really got into it. I don’t like the fact that I need to offer my prints first as framed art and only after that can sell it on pillows, totes, phone cases, … And they show the artwork pretty big without any watermarks, which makes it so easy to steal it.
  • Redbubble, looks nice, may try it later.
  • Spoonflower, I’ve had a shop there for years. It’s thanks to Spoonflower that I got into the whole surface design world. I love it. They sell fabric, wallpaper, gift wrap, wall decals. They recently added a bunch of wonderful new fabrics to their list of products, the new ones are synthetic, which some people may not like but the prints on them look absolutely gorgeous and vibrant and they are much more colorfast. I may bring some new life into my Spoonflower shop as well. I haven’t been uploading any new designs in a while. But even so I have been selling quite well there in the last couple of months.
  • Deny Designs, a curated POD website that sells wonderful products like bedding and shower curtains. But they are incredibly strict in their submissions, I got my response yesterday and was denied.
  • Kess In House, they also sell bedding, rugs and other home decor items.
  • Nuvango, formerly known as Gelaskins. They sell cases for phones and ipads, but are expanding their product range at the moment.
  • Print all over me, they print on clothes, everything from bathing suits til dresses, but also beach towels and pillows, looks great, and is definitely on my to do list.

And I’m sure there are many more. I’m always interested in learning about other POD companies, especially those that print on interesting products, nice home decor items, clothes (anything besides normal T-shirts that are already being offered everywhere), or other fun objects. If you know of any, please let me know and I’ll add them to the list.

New York


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The Highline

Hello everybody! I hope you enjoyed my Surtex post last week. I’ve been super busy the past week working on my follow up for Surtex and even on some new fun projects, it feels great to be productive again! But now some more reminiscing of that wonderful New York trip.

After Surtex finished I hung out with Zoe and Miriam for 2 days, just doing what they wanted to do, because I knew that I would have plenty of time to see whatever I wanted to see afterwards. And it was so much fun hanging out with these girls. We walked the High Line together, which is really amazing!! We went to the Guggenheim Museum, which is a gorgeous building, but I have to be honest that the exhibition about Futurism was not really my thing. We went to a small Jean-Michel Basquiat exhibition, visited Schwarz, that’s that huge toy store from the movie Big, went to Anthropologie (such a gorgeous shop!!). And we visited a small Alexander Girard exhibition, which was wonderful.

Alexander Girard Exhibition

The Guggenheim

Then on the 22nd and the 23rd I said goodbye to all the Forest Foundry girls, everybody was going home or moving on to the next part of their trip. And I moved from our apartment in Hell’s Kitchen to a hostel in Williamsburg. And as much as I loved hanging out with all the girls during Surtex and afterwards, I was also very happy to be traveling solo for a couple more days. I’ve been a huge solo traveler in the past with my long backpacking trips in Asia and Australia, so I really enjoyed just walking around a big city by myself. This way I get a much better feeling of what the city is like, I feel it’s energy better. When I was still hanging around with the girls I liked New York, but I was missing the wow-factor a little bit, which was weird because I’ve heard so many people say so many great things about New York. But I did get to see all that loveliness when I was walking around by myself.

Williamsburg street art

I went to the MOMA, what a wonderful museum! And the next day to the Metropolitan Museum (aka the MET) which was so big and has so many different styles and types of artworks to show, from Egyptian artifacts to Pablo Picasso, gorgeous couture dresses to bronze statues, I think you can easily spend 3 days in there alone! But it was such a wonderful and sunny day, so I decided to walk around Central Park after my visit to the MET. It was filled with happy people and I love all the artists and performers entertaining the people.



Central Park

I walked around Williamsburg, SoHo, 5th Avenue, China Town, Little Italy, I walked across the Brooklyn Bridge, …

On the 26th I celebrated my birthday. It was the best weather, super sunny and very warm, so I decided to go to Coney Island, which was lovely, walked all the way to Brighton Beach (aka Little Odessa) and then took the subway to Greenwich Village, which is a really nice neighborhood with lots of great shops and yummy restaurants. And in the evening I had the best Linguine Pescatore ever at L’Isola, an Italian restaurant in Williamsburg with a lovely roof terrace. And I managed to finish my dinner right in time to witness the amazing sunset over the New York skyline! What a treat!

click to see bigger

Coney Island

Soho / Greenwich Village

click to see bigger

And last but not least, a quick visit to Ground Zero and the 9/11 Memorial, which was quite impressive.

Surtex 2014


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Hello everybody! I’m writing this post while I’m still in New York. I arrived here on the 16th of May and it’s been an incredible trip so far!

As you know, I came to New York to exhibit at Surtex, a tradeshow to sell my artwork to manufacturers, with the other girls of the Forest Foundry art collective. It was the first time I met the other girls in real life and crazy as it sounds, it really was not that different from chatting online. We’ve been talking on facebook and skype almost daily for nearly a year now, so we already knew each other pretty well. It was just really nice to finally be in the same room with all of us together.

On the 16th most of us arrived in New York and on the 17th we set up our booth. It was actually not that much work because Katy already put up our banners the day before. The banners looked amazing! We got them printed by FedEx and even though I was a bit worried about the colors, they looked just perfect! We also had a beautiful wooden business card holder in the shape of our logo, made by Katy’s brother and a bunting with our trees to decorate the booth.

The next day it was showtime! Before we came to New York we already agreed that whatever would happen at Surtex, whether we’d get lots of business or nothing at all, it would still have been worth it because the experience of founding Forest Foundry, getting to know and support each other and preparing everything together for the show was already pretty amazing. But low and behold, our booth was actually busy almost all of the time! It was much better than we had dared to hope for. Lots of companies showed their interest in our work and they loved the story of how Forest Foundry came together, and we also had visits from fellow MATS students and other artists that were exhibiting or walking the show. It really just felt like one big social event :-)

And I shouldn’t forget to mention Lilla Rogers, the art fairy mother herself and of course our teacher from the MATS courses. This whole journey started with taking her class and it was wonderful to meet her in person when she visited our booth at Surtex. She was as lovely and warm as always. I can only imagine how overwhelming it must have been for her to meet so many of her students at Surtex, holding a big MATS Q&A meetup and running her super busy booth, so we feel very grateful she managed to drop by our booth to say hello.

In the last couple of days I said goodbye to all my friends, all of them have either gone home or moved on to the next part of their trip. I decided to stay a bit longer in New York. It’s the first time I’m visiting the city and I wanted to take my time to explore everything. And I’m really glad I did. I love wondering around cities all by myself. I will post all about my explorations in New York in another blog post…

But as wonderful as it is to be still in New York, I am also eager to get home, there’s a lot of follow up to do after Surtex, contacting companies, sending them files and hopefully also signing some licensing deals… It’s all very exciting, but for now, I’ll just enjoy New York a little bit more…

3 more nights!


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Hello everybody! Only 3 more nights before I hop on a plane to New York to meet the rest of the Forest Foundry Art Collective and to exhibit at Surtex, and I’m sooo excited about this trip. All the hard work has been done. I have a portfolio book filled with my collections, I have an iPad portfolio with even more work, a digital lookbook, have my business cards, postcards, some yummy swag to hand out to our visitors, my banner to decorate the booth has been ordered. And the past week I dusted off my sewing machine and made some cute skirts to wear at Surtex, zipper pouches and tote bags all with my newest prints.

So all that’s left to do is to pack my bags, take the train to the airport on Friday morning and get on that plane. I have to admit I’m possibly even more excited about meeting my fellow Forest Foundry art sisters than the whole Surtex part of the trip. It’s quite amazing that less than a year ago we didn’t even know each other, that we met through an online course and somehow got together to create this wonderful collective. It has changed our lives, even though none of us have never met in real life we have become very good friends, sharing this whole adventure has been great and I can honestly say that whatever happens at Surtex, whether it will be a business success or not, the experience of it all was worth it.

I’m also very excited about visiting New York, it will be my first time and I’ve been wanting to go to NY for such a long time already. I extended my trip until the 27th to make sure I have plenty of time to wander around the city. I’ve already received lots of tips of what to visit, but if you still have some great tips for good food, artsy stuff, shopping or just nice hanging out places, please let me know, I would love to check them out!

For those of you who want to keep up with what I’m doing in New York, please follow me on instagram. And of course I will also blog about it, but I’m not sure yet if I’ll have time to blog during the trip itself.

Surtex Look Book


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Hello everybody! I’ve been working on my lookbook this weekend. It shows a small selection of the work in my big portfolio book for Surtex. If you like to see more, please do come by the Forest Foundry booth at Surtex, I would love to meet you and show you the rest of my work! We’re in booth #726.

For those of you on mobile devices, you can have a look at my lookbook here: issuu.com/inebeerten/docs/inebeerten-lookbook2014-surtex?e=1050420/7711983

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Hello everybody! I’m really excited today to unveil my new and improved website. I hope you like it. I’m still in the progress of updating, so it’s possible there are still some details not quite right, but so far I’m pretty happy with the results. It’s just a small update, I kept the old templates, just updated the background images and colours. I do hope to make a completely new website sometime in the following year, but right now I decided to keep it simple because I’ve been so crazy busy lately with all the Surtex preparations. But even this fresh lick of paint feels good. And both my portfolio website and my blog & shop have a similar look now.

I also have some updates for you on my Surtex preparations! It’s starting to get really close now, only 21 more days, yes, that’s only 3 weeks until my flight leaves, yay! I’m so excited and nervous! Most of the hard work has been done, I’ve finished my portfolio book and it got delivered today and I’ve ordered postcards, business cards and some other swag. I’ve even made a couple of really nice skirts with my own patterns!
Still on the to-do list: place banner orders, finish my digital ipad portfolio and more promotion. I’m going to do my best to be a bit more regular again in posting on my blog, facebook and twitter to keep you guys up to date with everything that’s happening.